avatar Advice on Giving Advice to Children & Teenagers Posted by Dr. Mike Brooks
Sep 17, 2013

As parents, we want to guide our children the best we can. We want to save them from the countless mistakes we’ve made over the years. We want them to benefit from our wisdom. And what could be wrong with any of that? The Downside of Giving Advice One of my favorite expressions is, The  …Read More

avatar Does Video Game Violence Cause Children & Adolescents to Become Violent? – Part 6: U.S. Crime Trends Posted by Dr. Mike Brooks
Apr 29, 2013

Welcome back, everyone! This is Part 6 of the series Does Video Game Violence Cause Children & Adolescents to Become Violent? I hope you’ve seen the other parts to this series as the presentation will be more meaningful if viewed in order. In this part, I’ll be looking at the violent crime trends in the U.S.  …Read More

avatar Does Video Game Violence Cause Children and Adolescents to Become Violent? Video Blog Part 5 Posted by Dr. Mike Brooks
Apr 23, 2013

Hey Gang! I’m getting close to wrapping up this series on the topic, “Does Video Game Violence Cause Children and Adolescents to Become Violent?” In this segment, I cover the findings and limitations of the research on the effects of video game violence. People, including me, can toss their opinions about but what does the  …Read More

avatar The Technique to Studying Efficiently Posted by Dylan McAndrew
Jun 19, 2012

About the Author, Dylan McAndrew:A lot of us at the ApaCenter work with teens. Oftentimes, adults are trying to tell teens what they should and should not do with their lives because, as adults, we always know what is best…right? Well, we feel that it is important that the views of teens be heard and  …Read More

avatar Helping Your Child Succeed In School I: Healthy Food and Exercise Posted by Dr. Iektje Stephens
Sep 16, 2010

A couple of weeks ago I posted a blog about measuring teacher effectiveness. While I was writing this blog, I reflected on how many different factors influence children’s success in school, and how you can’t just pin everything on the teacher. This gave me the idea to write a series of blogs about many of  …Read More

avatar Why Teens Cut Themselves Posted by ApaCenter Associate
Dec 1, 2009

Self-injurious behavior, such as cutting, is generally more than an attempt to get attention. Teens who cut themselves often report that they do it to stop or escape from intense, unpleasant emotions, such as anxiety or depression. For these teens, the pain of the moment provides a distraction to the overwhelming myriad of confusing thoughts  …Read More

avatar How to Tell If Your Teen Is Using Drugs Posted by ApaCenter Associate
Dec 1, 2009

Look for changes in your teen’s or friend’s behavior, such as: Changes in personality, such as when an outgoing child starts appearing withdrawn or and active child becomes lethargic and unmotivated Changes in friends, such as dropping long-time friends for new ones that you don’t know Increased physical complaints, such as more frequent headaches, upset  …Read More

avatar Teen Behavior: Emotional Problems or Just Hormones? Posted by ApaCenter Associate
Dec 1, 2009

The changes that teens experience as they enter puberty affect them in many ways, including hormonal changes that can impact their mood and behavior. Increases in testosterone levels in boys can result in greater irritability and expressions of anger. Hormone changes in girls can have similar effects. However, when your teen’s emotional or behavior disruption  …Read More

avatar Some Appropriate Consequences for Teenage Misbehavior Posted by ApaCenter Associate
Dec 1, 2009

As your child moves from childhood to the teen years, you must adjust your style of discipline. Two things to consider: As you child gets older, your relationship with him or her is your most important leverage. Make sure that you are making time to do fun things together, creating opportunities for conversations, recognizing their  …Read More

avatar Teens & "Sexting" Posted by Dr. Mike Brooks
Jan 25, 2009

I discussed teens & cell phones (particularly texting addiction) in my previous post. A new problem that has arisen in recent years is teens engaging in “sexting.” This means that teens are sending each other sexually explicit photos or videos of themselves or other teens via their cell phones. A recent survey indicated that about  …Read More