avatar Life Lessons from Mr. Spock Posted by Dr. Mike Brooks
Mar 6, 2015

It’s been a week since Leonard Nimoy passed away, and my heart is still heavy. Although he has a body of work beyond playing Mr. Spock in Star Trek, he definitely will be most remembered from playing that iconic role. I’m certain that Mr. Nimoy was a wonderful man in his own right, but I  …Read More

avatar Motivation and Organization for Adolescents Posted by Dr. Lindsay Evans
Mar 4, 2015

Motivation and Organization for Adolescents! In my last post, I discussed the difficulties parents and children often experience with staying organized and managing a hectic schedule. I described some tips to help your elementary and middle school children stay motivated and avoid that mid-year slump. Here are some tips geared toward older children and adolescents!  …Read More

avatar Weight Loss Hacks – Easy Ways to Eat Healthier Posted by Dr. Mike Brooks
Jan 29, 2015

Although we might have already past the New Year’s resolution window, most of us are always on the lookout for ways to either lose weight and/or eat healthier. I have some powerful strategies to recommend in that regard. First, let me qualify this by saying I’m not a nutritionist or registered dietitian. I’m a licensed psychologist.  …Read More

avatar New Year, Renewed School Motivation! Posted by Dr. Lindsay Evans
Jan 20, 2015

A New Year and new semester is upon us. It’s a great time to re-energize and refresh routines for the entire family. Many children struggle to stay organized, manage a hectic schedule, and complete the large volumes of homework that are now the norm in schools. If your child and family are experiencing a mid-year slump,  …Read More

avatar Reducing Holiday Stress From Relationship Difficulties Posted by Dr. Mike Brooks
Dec 19, 2014

I previously blogged about savoring Thanksgiving and, in particular, the enjoyment that comes from spending quality time with friends and family. Much of our happiness in life is nested within our relationships. Basically, this means when we have strong positive connections, we tend to be happy, and when we have conflictual relationships or feel disconnected,  …Read More

avatar Experiences Impact Happiness More Than Material Gifts Posted by Dr. Lindsay Evans
Dec 16, 2014

As we approach the holiday season, I’ve been thinking about my upcoming visits with family and how to make the best of every moment together. My family is, sadly, spread out all across the country, so our visits are few and far between. Looking back at visits from previous years, I notice that I hardly remember  …Read More

avatar Alternatives to Time-Out Posted by Dr. Lindsay Evans
Dec 3, 2014

I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving full of gratitude and savoring! This week, I am following up to my last post about how to do an effective time-out with your child. I’ll be discussing some discipline strategies that you can use in combination with or as alternatives to time-out. These strategies are best  …Read More

avatar Savoring Thanksgiving Posted by Dr. Mike Brooks
Nov 25, 2014

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. There’s not the pressure of finding the “perfect” gifts, shopping mall madness, the trimmings and trappings…wait! I’m sounding like the Grinch! I DO love Christmas, it’s just that it can be a bit more stressful. I have to admit that I’m not hosting the Thanksgiving meal, so I don’t  …Read More

avatar Steps for an Effective Time-Out Posted by Dr. Lindsay Evans
Nov 5, 2014

 Last week, we talked about how to effectively prepare for using time-out by working on hitting the “magic ratio” in your interactions with your child, setting clear rules, and explaining consequences to your child  before they are used. Spending this time in the beginning establishing clear rules and consequences will    help your child develop  …Read More

avatar Preparation for Time-Out Posted by Dr. Lindsay Evans
Oct 29, 2014

As I discussed in my last blog, decades of research have shown that, when used correctly, time-out is an effective discipline strategy for the majority of children. However, in order for it to be effective, parents need to be comfortable with the practice and have a clear understanding of when and how to use it.  …Read More