avatar Time-Out! Are Parents Hurting Children With Them? Posted by Dr. Lindsay Evans
Oct 16, 2014

Most parents have probably heard of time-out and have likely tried it with their children. It is a practice promoted by many parenting experts (including pop culture “experts” such as Nanny 911), and few would describe it as a highly controversial approach. Recently, however, Time Magazine published an article by doctors Dr. Daniel Siegel and  …Read More

avatar Using the “Magic Ratio” for Positive Parenting Posted by Dr. Mike Brooks
Oct 12, 2014

Positive Parenting and Relationships For this blog, I want to cover a positive parenting approach that is a much more effective alternative to corporal punishment. In my last blog, I reviewed why corporal punishment is an ineffective (and even counterproductive) strategy for managing children’s behavior. Again, if one already believes corporal punishment is an effective behavior management  …Read More

avatar Spanking Children: The Facts About Corporal Punishment Posted by Dr. Mike Brooks
Sep 22, 2014

Spanking children – should parents be using corporal punishment? This debate comes up periodically and has recently been reignited in light of Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson’s indictment for child abuse for spanking (hitting?) his 4-year-old son with a switch. Of course, this is a hotly debated issue and is very value-laden. In fact, it  …Read More

avatar Redshirting – Should You Delay Kindergarten? Posted by Dr. Lindsay Evans
Sep 2, 2014

This week thousands of 5-year-old children in the U.S. and in the Austin area will be getting onto school buses to head toward their first day of kindergarten. But, there is a growing group of 5-year-olds that will not be getting on the bus; but will instead be staying in preschool for another year. It’s  …Read More

avatar When the Laughter Stops: Lessons from the Life & Death of Robin Williams Posted by Dr. Mike Brooks
Aug 19, 2014

The recent death of Robin Williams has left us all reeling. How could this light have gone out? He was a comet blazing across the sky for so long we thought it could never end…especially this way. He was part of the fabric of our lives, woven into us through his prolific career and iconic  …Read More

avatar Back to School Nerves? How to Help Kids Make a Smooth Transition Posted by Dr. Lindsay Evans
Aug 18, 2014

     You probably remember that antsy feeling before the first day of school. It was a combination of excitement, a little bit of nervousness, and maybe some sadness about the end of vacation. Some kids worry about getting a mean teacher or having a bully from last year reappear in their class again. Mixed feelings  …Read More

avatar What’s Up With Kids and Entitlement These Days? Posted by Dr. Mike Brooks
Aug 6, 2014

Sometimes I really feel my age when I tell my kids, “Back when I was your age, we used to  __________” and fill this in with something about how I had it rougher as a kid than they do. Remember the grumpy old man skit by Dana Carvey on Saturday Night Live? Well, I’m not THAT extreme, but  …Read More

avatar Do We Only Use 10 Percent of Our Brains? Posted by Dr. Mike Brooks
Jul 21, 2014

This could be a really short blog. As for the answer to the question of “Do we  only use 10 percent of our brains?” : No! Now here’s the longer answer. This myth bothers me because it been proven wrong long ago but is still commonly passed around. It has my hackles up because I heard the quote recently  …Read More

avatar How to Get Kids Off the Screen During Summer Vacation Posted by Dr. Mike Brooks
Jun 30, 2014

Well, we are thick into summer, and I hope that yours is going well! If you are a parent, you might be faced with the common struggle of getting your kids away from the screen (in whatever format – TV, iPad, Playstation, Nintendo DS, iPhone). When I was a kid, screen entertainment didn’t offer near  …Read More

avatar Can Brain Training Games Be Harmful? Posted by Dr. Mike Brooks
May 19, 2014

In my previous blog, I covered the controversial topic of brain training and whether it really makes us smarter. A brief addition to that blog is whether these games and techniques can actually be harmful. Here are some of my thoughts on this issue:   In general, I don’t think brain training games are likely  …Read More