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Experiencing difficulties at school or work can be frustrating, especially when you do not understand the cause or how to solve the problem.

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Life is a journey and sometimes we need help along the way. Working as partners, we can help you to achieve greater happiness and reduce the stress felt in daily life.

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Recent Blog Posts

Dr. Mike Brooks: Assume the Best of Others


I was listening to an audiobook by Dr. Jack Kornfield and Dr. Daniel J. Siegel entitled Mindfulness and the Brain, and Dr. Kornfield gave a quote from Nelson Mandela that really stuck with me. Now, I don't recall the quote verbatim but it was something to the effect of "assume the best of others because you will help bring it out in Read More

Dr. Mike Brooks: Brain Training and Lumosity


So, does brain training really work? I have posted on this topic previously.  Basically, the answer is still "no." There are many claims (still) about various techniques, approaches, and technologies (including Lumosity) with the promise of improving our memory, processing speed, and various other cognitive abilities. Brain training and Lumosity have been linked together for some time now. Basically, companies Read More

Dr. Meredith Brinster: New Year, New You?


The New Year often brings resolutions of positive, sometimes dramatic changes to our lifestyles. Goals of weight loss, exercise, healthy eating, organization, or career accomplishment are commonly kick-started by the changing of the calendar. No matter what the goal, the one thing that they tend to have in common is that they are forgotten or abandoned not long after they are Read More