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Experiencing difficulties at school or work can be frustrating,
especially when you do not
understand the cause or how to
solve the problem.

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Life is a journey and sometimes
we need help along the way.
Working as partners, we can help
you to achieve greater happiness
and reduce the stress felt in daily life.

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Dr. Mike Brooks: Engagement Leads to More Happiness, Mind-Wandering Leads to Less Happiness


I recently watched a TED talk by Matt Killingsworth entitled, "Want to be Happier? Stay in the Moment" that reinforces what countless sages, philosophers, psychologists, spiritual teachers, etc., have been saying regarding the power of being engaged in the present moment. He created an app called "Track Your Happiness" for the iPhone that periodically pings you to have you rate Read More

Dr. Mike Brooks: Some Mindfulness Meditation “Hacks”


In my previous blog, I discussed how/why mindfulness is the "master" key to change. Mindfulness is being in the present moment nonjudgmentally. Mindfulness is a tool that can help us to focus our attention better. Improving any aspect of our behavior - being kinder, listening to others, modifying our forehand in tennis, remembering where we put our car keys - all Read More

Dr. Mike Brooks: Why Is Mindfuless is the Master Key to Change?


You might have seen the recent cover story on "The Mindfulness Revolution" in Time magazine. It gives a nice introduction to the practice as well as why it can be so helpful. Mindfulness is simply being in the present moment non-judgmentally.  I've blogged about mindfulness countless times over the years. Here's a blog about what mindfulness is and another about self-liberation Read More