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Experiencing difficulties at school or work can be frustrating,
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Dr. Lindsay Evans: Combating Test Anxiety Part II


As I discussed in my last blog, the experience of test anxiety is unfortunately quite common. Although some anxiety before a test is normal and can even help performance (as illustrated by the Yerkes-Dodson curve) when anxiety becomes too high it begins to negatively impact our performance. Last time, I described some strategies for combating test anxiety by changing your Read More

admin: The Greatest Harm of Screen Time


In my previous blog, I covered some concerns that parents have about kids' technology use. As parents, we all want our kids to grow up to be successful. By "successful," we ultimately mean things like happy, healthy, loved, loving, financially independent, with strong social relationships, and so on. While most parents share concerns about the dangers technology use poses to kids in areas Read More

Dr. Lindsay Evans: Combating Test Anxiety


You may know (or remember) the feeling - you have a big exam coming up, you’ve studied for hours, but when you finally sit down to take the test, your mind goes blank. This experience, called test anxiety, is unfortunately quite common. And, with state standardized tests, SAT/ACTs, and end of the year exams fast upon us, it’s likely Read More