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Experiencing difficulties at school or work can be frustrating,
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understand the cause or how to
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Life is a journey and sometimes
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Recent Blog Posts

Dr. Lindsay Evans: Combating Test Anxiety


You may know (or remember) the feeling - you have a big exam coming up, you’ve studied for hours, but when you finally sit down to take the test, your mind goes blank. This experience, called test anxiety, is unfortunately quite common. And, with state standardized tests, SAT/ACTs, and end of the year exams fast upon us, it’s likely Read More

Dr. Mike Brooks: Concerns about Kids’ Technology Use


Technology isn't good nor bad - it just is. In that way, it is like books. Books aren't inherently better than computers or other technologies. For instance, Adolf Hitler wrote Mein Kampf....not the most wholesome book! Just as there are countless benefits to technology, there are countless ways that it can be harmful as well. As parents, we have legitimate concerns about Read More

Dr. Mike Brooks: Be a Positive Influence


Another typical day at the Miller residence. Meghan has been critical of her 10-year-old son, Jackson, all morning. He was slow to get ready for school, left his pajamas on the floor, barely caught the bus, left his cereal bowl on the kitchen table, and left his partially completed homework that was due that day in his room. When he Read More