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Experiencing difficulties at school or work can be frustrating,
especially when you do not
understand the cause or how to
solve the problem.

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Life is a journey and sometimes
we need help along the way.
Working as partners, we can help
you to achieve greater happiness
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Dr. Mike Brooks: Spanking Children: The Facts About Corporal Punishment


Spanking children - should parents be using corporal punishment? This debate comes up periodically and has recently been reignited in light of Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson's indictment for child abuse for spanking (hitting?) his 4-year-old son with a switch. Of course, this is a hotly debated issue and is very value-laden. In fact, it is so value-laden that our Read More

Dr. Lindsay Evans: Redshirting – Should You Delay Kindergarten?


This week thousands of 5-year-old children in the U.S. and in the Austin area will be getting onto school buses to head toward their first day of kindergarten. But, there is a growing group of 5-year-olds that will not be getting on the bus; but will instead be staying in preschool for another year. It’s a dilemma many parents of Read More

Dr. Mike Brooks: When the Laughter Stops: Lessons from the Life & Death of Robin Williams


The recent death of Robin Williams has left us all reeling. How could this light have gone out? He was a comet blazing across the sky for so long we thought it could never end...especially this way. He was part of the fabric of our lives, woven into us through his prolific career and iconic roles. I remember his first Read More