avatar Video Blog – Does Money Buy Happiness? Posted by Dr. Mike Brooks
Dec 10, 2012

In this video blog (scroll below for it), I address the eternal question of whether money can buy happiness. Just in time for the holidays! What does the research say about this topic? Teaser – money actually can buy happiness…if you know how to spend it correctly!  

avatar Can Having More Money Lead to Greater Unhappiness? Posted by Dr. Mike Brooks
Sep 12, 2010

We’ve all heard the adage that “money can’t buy happiness,” and yet, within our culture, it seems that we are constantly being told that it can. Whether we receive these messages from advertisers, movie stars, pop divas, it is undeniable that these messages abound. Indeed, we are swimming in them. The messages that we receive  …Read More

avatar The Best Way to Buy Happiness? Posted by Dr. Mike Brooks
Aug 25, 2009

The irony of this strikes me as so hilarious. Want to know what, arguably, might be the best way to buy happiness? Here it is – to give your money away! I’m completely serious though. There is much research to support the notion that people who donate their money to causes that they deem worthy  …Read More

avatar Another Way Money Can Buy Happiness Posted by Dr. Mike Brooks
Aug 19, 2009

In my last post, I discussed how that, overall, money doesn’t buy happiness BUT there are ways that money can be used to “buy” happiness if we know how to spend it correctly. Purchasing electronic gadgets, jewelry, nice watches, fast cars, big houses, antiques, expensive pieces of art and so on will not help us  …Read More

avatar Buying Happiness – Sort Of Posted by Dr. Mike Brooks
Aug 13, 2009

In my last post, I said that it is true that money cannot buy happiness. This is true – for the most part. Material goods and conspicuous consumption will not lead to greater happiness. Having millions in the bank, in and of itself, does not lead to an enhanced sense of well-being either. And yet,  …Read More

avatar Does Money Buy Happiness? Posted by Dr. Mike Brooks
Aug 6, 2009

Woven into our capitalist society is the idea that “more is better.” If we have a lot of money, we can buy a lot of stuff and this will make us happy…right? Is this really true though? What does your own experience tell you about this? You’ve probably found out that you quickly adapt to  …Read More

avatar Achieving Fame, Wealth, & Beauty Are Psychological Dead Ends Posted by Dr. Mike Brooks
Jun 18, 2009

A recent article in Science Daily summarized the research findings from Niemiec, Ryan, and Deci that was published in the June 2009 issue of Journal of Research in Personality. Basically, it is true that all that glitters is not gold. There have been countless studies at this point that confirm that pursuing extrinsic pleasures/rewards (e.g.,  …Read More