avatar Enhancing Parent and Teacher Collaboration Posted by Dr. Meredith Brinster
Sep 18, 2015

As we start a new school year, building a positive relationship with your children’s teachers is an essential component for success. Research shows that when parents and teachers work together, students benefit greatly. Overall, students attend school more regularly, perform better on tests, earn higher grades, have better behavior, and show more positive attitudes toward  …Read More

avatar New Year, Renewed School Motivation! Posted by Dr. Lindsay Evans
Jan 20, 2015

A New Year and new semester is upon us. It’s a great time to re-energize and refresh routines for the entire family. Many children struggle to stay organized, manage a hectic schedule, and complete the large volumes of homework that are now the norm in schools. If your child and family are experiencing a mid-year slump,  …Read More

avatar The Technique to Studying Efficiently Posted by Dylan McAndrew
Jun 19, 2012

About the Author, Dylan McAndrew:A lot of us at the ApaCenter work with teens. Oftentimes, adults are trying to tell teens what they should and should not do with their lives because, as adults, we always know what is best…right? Well, we feel that it is important that the views of teens be heard and  …Read More

avatar Elite Preschool = Success in Life? Hmm… Posted by Dr. Mike Brooks
Aug 29, 2011

So I was driving home the other day when I heard this NPR story about how fierce the competition is for Manhattanites to get their children into elite preschools. These preschools can cost parents between $20,000-$30,000 per year! Apparently, it is so competitive to get into some of these preschools that parents can become quite  …Read More

avatar Measuring Teacher Effectiveness? Posted by Dr. Iektje Stephens
Sep 3, 2010

We all want our children to be successful in school. There are many different factors that influence children’s success in education, and recently much of the attention in politics and in the media has turned to the influence of individual teachers on students’ success. Most of this attention centers around teacher effectiveness, and there is  …Read More

avatar Later School Start Times Leads to Better Academic Achievement Posted by Dr. Katie Shepard
Jul 12, 2010

A recent article in the Scientific American reviewed research about effects of school start time on academic achievement. It probably comes as no surprise to parents of teens, that starting in adolescence, children have “delayed sleep phase” where they start sleep later and sleep later in the morning.  In addition, for optimal functioning, teenagers should  …Read More

avatar Reading, Writing, Arithmetic and Compassion? Posted by Dr. Katie Shepard
Dec 17, 2009

A recent article titled “More Compassion, Less Competition” by Richard Davidson presents the benefits of having a broader definition of education that focuses not only on academic growth but also overall emotional well being. Specifically, he argues that focusing heavily on competition and passing tests has resulted in teachers and students discriminating against those who  …Read More